The Ape Story

The Ape Story 2016

The self-righteous, genius little ape disrupts the tribe's annual hunt. For the sake of the tribe's livelihood, the dads have to go deep into the unknown forest to hunt down their prey. However, the legendary dreadful bugs make the dads routed, and the womanizer Bell's dad even fails to return to the tribe. In order to prove himself, the little ape ignores the tribe's ban, the elders' strict rules, and the obstruction of his partners, and resolutely rushes to the forest with Bell. At this time, the fierce bird is planning to take revenge on the tribe. On the night of the full moon, will Ape and Bell be able to find their father after the test of life and death? Will Ape and Bell be able to find their father? Will Ape still be faithful to Bell when they encounter the dreaded bugs? Faced with a tribe caught in a vengeful attack, will the children be able to work a miracle?

  • Released: 2016-01-23
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Adventure
  • Stars: 吕佩玉 Peiyu Lü, Yanqian Luo, Susu Wang
  • Director: Liu Pan