After the declaration of Bangladeshi independence, the war of liberation begins. West Pakistani troops detain Captain Asad and a soldier but Asad escapes from the local prison. West Pakistani troops searching for Asad arrive at his house with Razakar Daliluddin and snatch his sister's friend Rikta from his mother. Asad returns home and learns everything from his mother. Asad joins with Major Hassan and they conduct a military operation to liberate his village and rescue the tortured Rikta from West Pakistani troops. They win the battle. For nine months Asad fights with the freedom fighters and liberate Bangladesh from West Pakistan, undergoing for many hardships.

  • Released: 1974-12-16
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: War
  • Stars: Syed Hasan Imam, A.T.M. Shamsuzzaman
  • Director: