Tender Killer

Tender Killer 1994

Guan Liang was originally a retired assassin who had changed to a doctor and lived a simple life. However, Hong Kong mafia leader Jin Biao appreciated Guan Liang's ability to handle affairs and threatened his girlfriend. He was forced to surrender and return to the Jianghu. Afterwards, Jin Biao wanted to kill Guan Liang to silence him, which caught the attention of the Hong Kong and Macau police. With Guan Liang's alertness, he finally escaped and killed Jin Biao. Then, Guan Liang voluntarily surrendered.

  • Released: 1994-07-12
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Romance, Crime
  • Stars: Gam Biu, Wai-Yee Hau
  • Director: Sam Ho Shu-Pui