Perang Panjut Tujuh Likur

Perang Panjut Tujuh Likur 2024

Perang Panjut Tujuh Likur, tells the story of three female veterans who were good friends in their youth, Hanan (Fadilah Mansor), Numa (Fauziah Nawi) and Sabariah (Hamidah Wahab). Because of one incident, they quarreled until each of them got married and had children who studied at the university. In the run-up to Ramadan, Tok Su Piah (Women's Village Head) wants to hold a Panjut Festival competition to celebrate twenty-seven nights in their village. In the beginning, the three of them were against Tok Su Piah's wishes, because the events of their creation had caused the tragedy of the death of Tok Su Piah's husband and the burning of Tok Su Piah's house, causing the three of them to be at odds until now. But in silence, the three of them have their own plans to participate in the panjut party competition and the rivalry turns into a panjut war.

  • Released: 2024-04-06
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Stars: Fauziah Nawi, Fadilah Mansor, Hamidah Wahab, Dalimawati, Idan Aedan, Raff Roslee, Dina Allysha, Fathil Dani, Afry Wijoyo, Yaya Sham, Baqir Jamalullail, Jeri Jamalullail
  • Director: Epo Jenon