Never Too Old

Never Too Old 2024

Florio and Jesse have lived together as lovers for over 45 years. Florio has expressed a desire to get married when same sex marriage was legalized, but Jesse has held firm to his decision never to get married. His mind changes when the law does, and he proposes. A small, glittering wedding follows. In their married life they will, of course, face the changes that come with old age, but they will do so as a committed couple. Entering marriage in their 80’s is a testament to hope, a statement, and perhaps a brave act of lunacy, but done with courage and love.

  • Released: 2024-06-15
  • Runtime: 17 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Rolando Zee, Gregory Niebel, Don Castor, Les Mahoney, Clayton Louis, Saskia Baur, Crystal Lujan, Rhoda Pell, Timothy Gourley, Danielle Maddox
  • Director: Morgan Martini