Meng Ji Xiao Dui

Meng Ji Xiao Dui 2022

Mother Meijia and her four cute chickens, Maggie, Dayu, Duoduo and Huanhuan, live happily in the forest together with other animals. One day, a human excavator team entered the forest, trees were cut down, and the homes of the cute chickens were also destroyed. Meijia's mother was forced to take the cute chickens on the road, planning to find a new home "over the mountain". But it is not easy to reach "the other side of the mountain". They must pass through the cities where humans live. The cute chickens are full of curiosity about everything in the city, but they don’t know that danger is approaching them...

  • Released: 2022-01-08
  • Runtime: 82 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure
  • Stars: 詹羽轩, Yuting Deng, Qiantong Zhang, 江俊潮, 苗浩生, 刘伊轩, Ji Ying, 唐诗曼, 陶有量, 谢翔
  • Director: 冯操