The City

A rap opera that takes place in the world of film noir - on a stormy night Sarah Bennett arrives at Detective Joe's investigation office. She asks him to find her missing sister. Drunk Joe initially waves her off but something about Sarah touches him and he finally agrees to investigate the case, knowing that nothing good will come of it. Jack, Joe's partner, doesn't like it and feels something is wrong. Joe realizes that behind the whole affair is the city's biggest criminal that no one wants to mess with, and on top of all that, Sarah disappears. Now Joe must solve the problem. All dialogues are rhymed and sung on the beat.

  • Released: 2023-07-05
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Music, Mystery, Drama
  • Stars: Sima "Noon" Brami, Ravid Plotnik, Echo Ariel Morgenstern, Alon Neuman, Moria Akons, Itay 'Tuna' Zvolon, Tal Tirangel, Itai Peled, Reuben Ray Tedross, Yirmi Umani, Omer Havron, Shimi Mendel, Idan Alterman
  • Director: