Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming 2023

Zhu Tong, a third-grade elementary school student, is a bottom achiever and mischievous, and every day he has 10,000 fantasies in his little brain. One day, however, he discovers that his homeroom teacher, Mr. Niu, is actually chasing aliens in the corridor, that small flowers in the lawn can talk, and that his classmates have turned into weed men. ...... Countless unbelievable events come and go, and bizarre fantasies are intertwined with the agonies of school life. Will Zhu Tong be able to successfully escape punishment, and will he be able to represent his school to participate in the National Radio Gymnastics Competition as he wishes? A journey of reality and fantasy is about to unfold...

  • Released: 2023-06-15
  • Runtime: 98 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
  • Stars: Li Qinqin, Guo Xiao, Xu Yixuan, Guo Yiqian, Jin Shijia, Ye Liu, Wang Luodan, Fan Tiantian, Zhang Benyu, Fang Donghai, Huang Xiaolei, Ma Qianyi, Rao Xiaozhi, Wang Zichuan, Chen Yitian, Kimi, Zhu Qifeng, Wu Song
  • Director: