5x Favela, Now by Ourselves

5x Favela, Now by Ourselves 2010

4.7 8

The project '5 x slum, now by ourselves' gathered over 80 young people from Rio's favelas (slums), selected through workshops, script and filmmaking techniques to create a feature film consisting of five stories that reflect different facets of the daily lives of residents of these communities - with the promise of escape stereotypical representations.

  • Released: 2010-08-25
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Stars: Hugo Carvana, Zózimo Bulbul, Ruy Guerra, Gregório Duvivier, Flávio Bauraqui, Dandara Guerra, Juan Paiva, Pablo Vinicius, Sílvio Guindane, Roberta Rodrigues, Thiago Martins, Cintia Rosa, Marcello Melo, Márcio Vito, Vitor Carvalho, Ricardo Fernandes, Dila Guerra
  • Director: Cadu Barcelos, Cacau Amaral