Among Thieves

Among Thieves 2009

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Three friends – a reporter, an oil analyst and a financial executive – reunite after ten years and accidentally uncover one of the key, hidden reasons for what motivated the war in Iraq. The trio struggles to present evidence to major media that America invaded Iraq to force oil sales from the Euro back to the Dollar to preserve US global monetary supremacy. Against incredible odds, the team must face their pasts, find willing sources to corroborate the story, and survive the conspirators as they push to bring the truth to light.

  • Released: 2009-04-21
  • Runtime: 119 minutes
  • Genre: War, Thriller
  • Stars: Meghan Duffy, David Dickinson, Tyhr Trubiak, Dean Harder, Darren Felbel, Manny Sylvester, Lois Brothers, Kerry Grace Tait, Christy Fabbri, Frank Jess, Heather Sagmeister, Glen Krushel, Tim Webster, Uwe Betzing, Brett Schmall, Shane Cooney, Dave Brown, Jen Loewen, Egon Stanik
  • Director: