2 in the AM PM

2 in the AM PM 2006

6.9 18

Two store clerks slacking off at work (at a gas station) on Halloween go on an acid trip. Created by J.G. Quintel the characters were the basis for Mordacai and Benson on the Regular Show. The taller clerk, voiced by Quintel, introduces to the shorter clerk, voiced by Sam Marin, what he describes as a piece of "candy", to which later is learned to be laced with LSD. The characters then go on an acid trip, seeing each other morph into characters and objects. Sam's character is paranoid because he has not had acid before, and they attempt to figure out a plan as to how to "sober themselves up" before they are noticed by work personnel or police enforcement attention.

  • Released: 2006-04-26
  • Runtime: 8 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • Stars: Sam Marin, J.G. Quintel
  • Director: J.G. Quintel