Chinese Four Given Names People Prostitute: Li Xiangjun

Chinese Four Given Names People Prostitute: Li Xiangjun 2005

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The ancient costume ethics film "Four Famous Prostitutes: Li Xiangjun", the peerless singer and legendary Li Xiangjun is from Qinhuai, beautiful and charming, and works equally well in poetry and music. After making love with Hou Chaozong, he stayed alone in the empty building and was forced by Ruan Dacheng to serve wine and have fun. Li Xiangjun angrily reprimanded the traitor and was sentenced to hard labor in the palace. Jinling City was destroyed, and Li Xiangjun shaved off her hair to become a nun, and was taken home by Hou Chaozong. After Hou became a nobleman in the Qing Dynasty, she committed suicide in anger. Hou erected a stone tablet for Xiangjun. Containing depression, my husband is ashamed of the small print in this life.

  • Released: 2005-01-01
  • Runtime: 92 minutes
  • Genre: Romance, History
  • Stars: Grace Lam, Sophie Ngan
  • Director: Law Man-Tik