The Pure Love

The Pure Love 1957

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Choi Mun-seon (Seong So-min), a painter who lives alone on a beach, rescues drowning In-sun (Kim Ui-hyang). In-sun, a stewardess from Seoul, has more than platonic feelings for him, but he has no special feelings for her.Mun-seon meets Yun Myeong-hee who lived in his neighborhood 15 years ago. In order to help Myeong-hee's brother, Myeong-geun (Hyeon Sang-seob), who works for a magazine company, Mun-seon goes to Seoul. Myeong-hee and Mun-seon fall in love with each other. When In-sun meets Mun-seon in Seoul, she confesses her love for him, but he turns it down in a roundabout way.

  • Released: 1957-11-15
  • Runtime: 108 minutes
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Stars: Kim Ui-hyang, Kim Sin-jae, Jeong Min, Lee Bin-hwa, Choi Sam, Choe Bong, Lee Yong
  • Director: Han Hyeong-mo