Oh My Baby
6.7 7

A 39-year-old single woman who wants to have a child without getting married. She has three men in her radar and has trouble choosing between them. They walk into her life when she’s already hopeless about love and marriage.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre: Family, Drama, Comedy
  • Stars: Jang Na-ra, Go Joon, Park Byung-eun, Jung Gun-joo, Jang Gwang, Kim Hye-ok, Kim Jae-hwa, Park Soo-young, Jeon Jin-gi, Jo Hee-bong, Lee Mi-do, Wang Ji-hye, Baek Seung-Hee, Kim Jung-hwa, Gi So-you, Son Hwa Ryung
  • Director: Nam Ki-hoon