A Bridge to Heaven

A Bridge to Heaven 1969

A man has four children, one of which is not his real child. There is a rivalry between this adopted child and one of the man's real sons. As a final blow, the real son shares the fact that his identity is fake with the adopted brother. The boy followed the matter and found his dying mother and through her he finally found his real father before he passed away.

  • Released: 1969-01-01
  • Runtime: 94 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Romance
  • Stars: Arman, Homayun, Manoochehr Vossoogh, Gholam-Reza Sarkoob, Ezzatollah Vosoogh, Shahla Riahi, Nasser Jack Lord, Iran Ghaderi, Sara, Sorayya Beheshti, Aziz Asli, Reza Banki, Yadollah Mohmmadi Nejad
  • Director: Tony Zarindast