12 March: The Junta

12 March: The Junta 1994

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We are now saying goodbye to the 1960s. The 60's started eventfully on May 27. It ended as eventfully as it began. The '70s inherited escalating violence, student riots, and rumors of intervention. Prime Minister Demirel was trying to put out the fire in the street and to calm the increasingly restless army on the other. The October 1969 elections were held in this atmosphere and the Justice Party came out of the ballot box again. May 27 came by overthrowing the DP government, but the AP, which declared that three of the three elections held since the 1960s, were the continuation of the DP, emerged successfully. Demirel was about to roll up his sleeves for a new era. He felt that no one could stop him now. He was wrong. As he was dizzy from victory, he fell at Caesar's fault. Forgot about Brutus...

  • Released: 1994-05-29
  • Runtime: 54 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary, History
  • Stars: Mehmet Ali Birand, Saadettin Bilgiç, Süleyman Demirel, Fakih Özfakih, Emin Değer, Celil Gürkan, Altan Öymen, Uluç Gürkan, Mumtaz Soysal, Mahir Kaynak, Fuat Doğu, Muhsin Batur, Mehmet Ali Kışlalı
  • Director: Can Dündar, Bülent Çaplı