The Viper Brothers: Jail - Living for 4 1/2 Years

The Viper Brothers: Jail - Living for 4 1/2 Years 1973

Part 5 in a long running (8+1 films) action/comedy/melodrama series about a pair of short tempered, amoral, but not evil chinpira (Bunta Sugawara and Tamio Kawachi) thinking too big of themselves. After serving four and a half years in prison, Masa and his brother Katsuji leave Kobe to go to Nagoya to help a hostess get her daughter back from her mother. As they arrive in Nagoya, they get into a scuffle with the local yakuza affiliate. Sugawara and Kawaji's chemistry is even more evident here than usual, the storyline is alright if melodramatic. Delightful start with Tatsuo Endo as a nice guy prison guard! How many times have you seen that? And we got Kyosuke Machida (henchman) with cool beard and the always good Tsunehiko Watase (young hood) on board as well. One of the best films in the series.

  • Released: 1973-02-17
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Comedy
  • Stars: Bunta Sugawara, Tamio Kawachi, Kyōsuke Machida, Yuriko Mishima, Tsunehiko Watase, Tatsuo Endō, Hōsei Komatsu, Aiko Mimasu, Harumi Sone, Keiji Takamiya, Seizō Fukumoto, Yuko Hama, Yuriko Hishimi, Toshiaki Minami
  • Director: Kōsaku Yamashita