10,000 Black Men Named George

10,000 Black Men Named George 2002

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In the 1920s, the rights of American workers to join a labor union was still considered an open question, and African-Americans were routinely denied their civil and economic rights. 10,000 Black Men Named George, the title, refers to the fact Pullman porters were often called "George" by white passengers, which was considered a racial slur.

  • Released: 2002-02-24
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Stars: Andre Braugher, Charles S. Dutton, Mario Van Peebles, Brock Peters, Ellen Holly, Ardon Bess, Kenneth McGregor, Kedar Brown, Carla Brothers, Ordena Stephens, Christopher Bondy, Neville Edwards, Collette Micks, Yvette McKoy, Karen Eyo, Sandi Ross, Ernestine Jackson, James McGowan, Amanda Brugel
  • Director: Robert Townsend