13 Moons
5.8 13

Things aren't looking so good for television clown Banana's career, and the fact that his estranged wife, Suzi, has just been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Lily, just serves to compound Banana's despair.

  • Released: 2002-08-30
  • Runtime: 94 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Stars: Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Bracco, Steve Buscemi, Peter Dinklage, Daryl Mitchell, Karyn Parsons, David Proval, Rose Rollins, Peter Stormare, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Austin Wolff, Danny Trejo, Sam Rockwell, Francesco Messina, Matthew Sussman, Ernie Lee Banks, Terry Cooley, Lorelei Leslie, Steven Randazzo, Michael Buscemi  Show all >
    Steven Anthony Lawrence, Michael Badalucco, Jason Matthew Smith, Jake La Botz, Harper Roisman, Edward Bunker, Julius LeFlore, Shiva Rose, Ralph Guzzo, Lester Speight, Louise Parsons, Alexandre Rockwell, Michael Parks, Gareth Williams, Brandon Cole, Joshua Miller
  • Director: Alexandre Rockwell