The Happy and Short Life of a Goldfish

The Happy and Short Life of a Goldfish 1995

Goldfish born in Tenjinnuma, a famous goldfish production area, were auctioned off and sold to Yokota Gumi. The goldfish scooped by elementary school student Mitsui at the night store scooping goldfish will be kept at his house. For a while, the goldfish attracted attention as a pet of the Mitsui brothers and sisters, but on that Christmas, the green turtle took its place and was sent to his sister, Kana's friend, Sacchan's house. Sachi-chan is a kind child and loved to name the goldfish Hiroshi, but one day in August, a forgotten goldfish left in the garden for cleaning was exposed to too much direct sunlight, Close the whole life without missing. 1 year old and 2 months. She cried and buried the goldfish in her grave, but a week later she forgot.

  • Released: 1995-11-03
  • Runtime: 18 minutes
  • Genre: Animation
  • Stars: Masao Komatsu
  • Director: Isshin Inudo