Adını Anmayacağım

Adını Anmayacağım 1971

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Gul is a famous singer, married to Captain Engin, who has studied law. Engin goes to Korea during the war. One day Gul is told that he is dead. Her violinist, Cemil fancies her. One day Gul meets Engin again, yet Cemil continues molesting her. Engin takes his daughter while Gul gives becomes an alcoholic and is miserable. Engin learns about her condition and decides to go to her but in a car accident he becomes blind. Gul starts to work in their house under a false name, Seher. In the meantime she gives piano lessons to their daughter Oya. Engin regains his eyesight after a surgery. Cemil attempts to rape Oya, but Gul reaches in time, saves Oya and kills Cemil. Oya finds out that Gul is her mother and asks Engin to defend her in court. A happy future awaits all three.

  • Released: 1971-01-02
  • Runtime: 87 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Music, Thriller
  • Stars: Cüneyt Arkın, Hülya Koçyiğit, Jahangir Ghaffari, Fatma Karanfil, Nubar Terziyan, Sedef Ecer, Muammer Gözalan, Muzaffer Yenen, Zeki Sezer
  • Director: Orhan Elmas