Last Platoon

Last Platoon 1988

3.3 3

After ex-cop and highly decorated war hero Chet Costa's Vietnamese girlfriend disappears, he accepts a risky mission: he shall blow up a bridge at the Vietnamese border to close the Vietcong's line of communication. He's given a group of prisoners to accompany him. Already on the way there their helicopter is shot down; a march through the wilderness begins. When his soldiers recognize that they're effectively on a suicide mission, they decide to get rid of their Seargent and to flee to Bangkok.

  • Released: 1988-08-21
  • Runtime: 80 minutes
  • Genre: Action, War
  • Stars: Donald Pleasence, Max Laurel, Mel Davidson, Vassili Karis, David Brass, Milene Thy-Sanh, Richard Hatch, David Light
  • Director: Ignazio Dolce