Abenteuer mit Blasius

Abenteuer mit Blasius 1975

Ten-year-old Frantisek is traveling to Leipzig to visit his German friend Egon. On the train, he shares the compartment with three men. One of them, the bearded, hefty Blasius is polite but at times acts very confused. At the end station the two boys meet, but they must first of all get rid of Blasius, who lifts them up together with their luggage and carries them away. Leipzig is packed with tourists who have gathered for the famous Fair. The eccentric bearded fellow deals effectively with the traffic jam in front of the station. Blasius's fellow travelers from the train - inventors Prantl and Pirwitz, are at the fairground, boasting of their new invention and claiming it to be the greatest surprise of the entire Fair.

  • Released: 1975-07-11
  • Runtime: 79 minutes
  • Genre: Science Fiction, Family
  • Stars: Leoš Suchařípa, Wolfgang Greese, Norbert Christian, Petr Starý, Manfred Zetzsche, Gert Gütschow, Dieter Wien, Jana Gýrová, Zdeněk Najman, Milan Charvát, Doris Schmude, Pedro Hebenstreit, Marianne Behrens, Jiřina Bílá, Jindra Kvardová, Slávka Hamouzová, Otto Stübler, Mojmír Ticháček, Rudolf Grabbe, Wolfgang Desch  Show all >
    Januš Řehoř, Ursula Fischer, Mario Wojtyczka, Peter Biele, Uwe Lohse, Bertl Haller
  • Director: Egon Schlegel