A Man Alone

A Man Alone 1955

5.7 25

A gunfighter, stranded in the desert, comes across the aftermath of a stage robbery, in which all the passengers were killed. He takes one of the horses to ride to town to report the massacre, but finds himself accused of it. He also finds himself accused of the murder of the local banker, and winds up hiding in the basement of a house where the local sheriff, who is very sick, lives with his daughter.

  • Released: 1955-10-17
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Genre: Western, Romance
  • Stars: Paul Ravel, Dick Rich, Julian Rivero, Lee Roberts, Danny Sands, Phil Schumacher, Jack Tornek, Minerva Urecal, Cecil Weston, Ray Milland, Ward Bond, Raymond Burr, Lee Van Cleef, Alan Hale Jr., Arthur Space, Douglas Spencer, Thomas Browne Henry, Grandon Rhodes, Martín Garralaga, Kim Spalding  Show all >
    Howard Negley, Carl Andre, Emile Avery, Ralph Brooks, Forrest Burns, Nora Bush, Herman Hack, Frank Hagney, Richard Hale, Chick Hannan, Ann Kunde, Cactus Mack, Lew Morphy, Flower Parry, Joe Phillips, Jack Parker, Mary Murphy, Bob Reeves, Jack Montgomery
  • Director: Ray Milland