Adventures of Captain Africa

Adventures of Captain Africa 1955

Filled from front to back with stock footage taken from the Columbia serials "The Phantom-1943" and, primarily, "The Desert Hawk-1944", with John Hart and the always-dull Rick Vallin making less-than-adequate substitutes for Tom Tyler and Gilbert Roland, this Sam Katzman "production" finds the mighty jungle avenger and legendary Captain Africa - A "Phantom" rip-off that side-stepped the need to pay King Features another fee for using the character - pledging to see that the legitimate Arabian caliph, Hamid, is restored to the throne which a tyrannical rival has usurped. He is joined in this enterprise by adventurer Ted Arnold, wild-animal trapper Nat Coleman, and his assistant Omar and, to cover all bases

  • Released: 1955-06-09
  • Runtime: 225 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Stars: Rick Vallin, Ben Welden, June Howard, Bud Osborne, Paul Marion, Paul Marion, Edward Coch, Edward Coch
  • Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet