A Blueprint for Murder

A Blueprint for Murder 1953

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Whitney Cameron is in a quandary: he's attracted to his beautiful sister-in-law, Lynn, but also harbors serious suspicions about her. Her husband, Cameron's brother, died under mysterious circumstances, and now that the death of her stepchild, Polly, has been attributed to poisoning, he suspects that Lynn is after his late brother's estate, and killing everyone in her way.

  • Released: 1953-07-24
  • Runtime: 77 minutes
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
  • Stars: Barney Phillips, Carleton Young, Bess Flowers, Eugene Borden, Charles Tannen, Ed Hinton, Teddy Mangean, Herbert Lytton, Herbert Ellis, Arthur J. Flaven, Joseph Cotten, Jean Peters, Gary Merrill, Catherine McLeod, Walter Sande, Tyler McVey, Ray Hyke, Herb Butterfield, Jack Kruschen, Jonathan Hole  Show all >
    Grandon Rhodes, George Melford, Kenneth Gibson, Julian Upton, Sally Yarnell, Freddy Ridgeway, Joyce McCluskey, Harold Miller, Jack Deery, Guy Kingsford, Mae Marsh, Oliver Cross, Hans Moebus, Don Kohler, Bernard Sell, Marjorie Stapp, Aline Towne, Raymond Gray, Thomas Martin, James Gonzalez, Bert Stevens, Pamela Duncan, Charles Collins, Harry Carter, Alex Ball
  • Director: Andrew L. Stone