A Bell for Adano

A Bell for Adano 1945

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Major Joppolo and his men are assigned to restore order to the war-torn Italian town of Adano. He has to manage getting supplies into town without interfering with troop movements, all the while dealing with colorful citizens of the town. One of his quests is to replace the bell which orders the town's life.

  • Released: 1945-06-21
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Genre: War, Drama
  • Stars: Mimi Aguglia, Ted Jordan, Glenn Langan, Alexander Sascha, Roy Roberts, William Edmunds, John Bagni, Charles Judels, Hugo Haas, John Russell, Shirley Karnes, Minor Watson, Eduardo Ciannelli, Frank Jaquet, Harry Morgan, Peter Cusanelli, Edward Mundy, Julian Rivero, Nick Thompson, Luis Alberni  Show all >
    Anna Demetrio, Marie Monteil, Stanley Prager, Harry Carter, Jerry Riggio, Minerva Urecal, Marcel Dalio, Antonio Filauri, Inez Palange, Monty Banks, Gino Corrado, Charles La Torre, Reed Hadley, Russell Hoyt, Grady Sutton, Roman Bohnen, Earl Easton, Chef Milani, Eva Puig, Gene Tierney, Nino Pipitone Jr., Fortunio Bonanova, Connie Leon, William Bendix, Elvira Curci, Cecilia Meagher, Rudy Rama, Teresa Tirelli, Henry Armetta, Eddie Hyans, John Hodiak, Frank Lackteen, James Rennie, Richard Conte, Franco Corsaro, Serge Krizman, Hector V. Sarno
  • Director: Henry King