13 Hours by Air

13 Hours by Air 1936

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Womanizer and airline pilot Jack Gordon must fly the world's fastest airliner from New York to California while dealing with dangerous jewel thieves on the run from the law.

  • Released: 1936-04-30
  • Runtime: 74 minutes
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Stars: Fred MacMurray, Joan Bennett, Zasu Pitts, Benny Bartlett, Grace Bradley, Brian Donlevy, Ruth Donnelly, Adrienne Marden, Dean Jagger, Mildred Stone, Jack Mulhall, Clyde Dilson, Granville Bates, Marie Prevost, Bruce Warren, John Howard, Alan Baxter, Fred Keating, Dennis O'Keefe
  • Director: Mitchell Leisen