Ace of Aces

Ace of Aces 1933

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A sculptor who doesn't want to have any part of World War I is shamed by his girlfriend into joining the army. He becomes a fighter pilot, and undergoes a complete personality change.

  • Released: 1933-10-20
  • Runtime: 76 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, War
  • Stars: Richard Dix, Elizabeth Allan, Ralph Bellamy, Theodore Newton, Nella Walker, Anderson Lawler, Frank Conroy, Joe Sawyer, Art Jarrett, Claude Gillingwater Jr., Claude Stroud, Frank Clarke, William Cagney, Jay Eaton, Sam Flint, Betty Furness, Edward Gargan, Carl Eric Hansen, Tom Herbert, Charles Irwin  Show all >
    John Kelly, George Lollier, Frank Melton, Jack Pennick, Grady Sutton, Frank Tomick, Howard Wilson, Clarence Stroud, Helmut Gorin
  • Director: J. Walter Ruben