A One Man Game

A One Man Game 1927

The efforts of crooked rancher Stephen Laban to force his local bank into an unsecured loan are foiled by Fred Hunter and Jake Robbins, and Laban vows vengeance on the pair; but he is temporarily thwarted by the arrival from the East of society girl Millicent Delacey. Knowing her weakness for social prestige, Hunter arranges to masquerade as the Duke of Black Butte, a visiting nobleman on a hunting expedition; Millicent and her social-climbing mother completely succumb to the duke's charm.

  • Released: 1927-01-30
  • Runtime: 52 minutes
  • Genre: Western
  • Stars: Fred Humes, Fay Wray, Harry Todd, Clarence Geldart, Norbert A. Myles, William Malan, Julia Griffith, Bud Osborne
  • Director: Ernst Laemmle