Episode 20

Episode 20 S20E20 - Episode 20 2004

MO and YEUNG are rewarded for saving JIAQING’s life. Because of this incident, MO is late for the meeting with SONG who is outside the Palace. He assumes that SONG has left without saying goodbye. SHUN tries to make JIAQING believe that YING would bring him bad luck, but in vain. Her plot is thwarted by SIN who, by stratagem, has made JIAQING care about YING more. SONG asks to meet MO, during which he tries to put MO to the test by asking about SHIM. SONG is so unhappy with MO and falls out with him. YING is shocked to discover that the portrait of herself and her mother is lost. She believes that it is stolen by SHUN. YEUNG decides to draw another portrait for YING, which makes FAU realize that he is in love with the girl. YING is chosen to sleep with JIAQING but SHUN finally manages to spoil her chance. YING is infuriated and YEUNG tries to give her a few words of comfort……

  • Released: 2004-09-17
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Maggie Cheung Hoh-Yee, Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, Sheren Tang, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Jade Leung Chang, Rebecca Chan, Maria Chen, Kenny Wong, Willie Wai Ga-Hung, Chen Honglie, Lo Hoi-pang, Felton Law Gwan-Joh
  • Director: