Episode 15

Episode 15 S15E15 - Episode 15 2004

YING is reluctant to hurt herself, and YUE shows complete contempt for her. YING puts the blame on YEUNG and urges him to compensate her for the loss of the money. YING who doesn’t want her mother to worry asks SIN to deliver a letter to her, which is unfortunately discovered by SHIM. SHIM tries to grab the letter from MO, but in vain. The two of them soon fall into a quarrel. SHIM gets stung by a venomous insect. MO offers to suck the poison from her wound and brings her to the royal physician for urgent treatment. SHIM is so impressed by his thoughtfulness and starts to fall in love with him. YEUNG passes on to SHUN the note that CHUN sent her. Having read the note, SHUN becomes so depressed. YEUNG understands how she feels and sends her some presents accordingly. SHUN gets deeply touched by his concern. SIN is not able to deliver letters for YING, which irks YING utterly. YEUNG learns from SIN what problems YING is experiencing……

  • Released: 2004-09-10
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Maggie Cheung Hoh-Yee, Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai, Sheren Tang, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Jade Leung Chang, Rebecca Chan, Maria Chen, Kenny Wong, Willie Wai Ga-Hung, Chen Honglie, Lo Hoi-pang, Felton Law Gwan-Joh
  • Director: