Don't Fool Around (At Night)!!

Don't Fool Around (At Night)!! S2E2 - Don't Fool Around (At Night)!! 2005

Ikkou and Chitose clean the temple while the rest of the gang is doing high school club activities. Ikkou and Chitose sneaks into town at night to go to karaoke together. They later go to an arcade to get their photo taken. As they try to leave, earthbound spirits stop them. Chitose gives them a sermon and they are exorcised. When Ikkou and Chitose meet Jotoku and the gang, Jotoku punishes Ikkou for disappearing from the temple.

  • Released: 2005-07-08
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Chihiro Suzuki, Mai Nakahara, Chieko Higuchi, Akeno Watanabe, Tomoko Kawakami, Ryoko Shintani, Haruhi Nanao, Kazuko Sugiyama, Asami Sanada, Kotono Mitsuishi, Mugihito
  • Director: Shunji Yoshida