Мать Иисуса

Мать Иисуса 1991

After Jesus' execution, several people gather at his mother's house — a brother and sister, a Roman patrician with a servant, one of the apostles... They all understand that something more significant has happened than just the execution of some half-crazed prophet. Everyone is trying to answer the question for themselves, what is the mystery of the personality of Jesus Christ. But, alas, no one here hears each other. And there is already a crowd of sufferers at the house, who see in the mother of Jesus the savior from all troubles...

  • Released: 1991-07-10
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Stars: Sergey Taramaev, Elena Yakovleva, Andrey Sergeev, Aleksandr Romantsov, Vladimir Episkoposyan, Leonid Timtsunik, Olga Chernook
  • Director: Konstantin Khudyakov