Witblits & Peach Brandy

Witblits & Peach Brandy 1978

The story takes place in the Lowveld and is about the illegal burning and marketing of the sacred moisture, popularly known as Withond. A drinking war breaks out between two grumpy old men - A farmer against an Englishman. Uncle Koos and his daughter, Sopie, make a good profit from the sale of their white blitz, which they secretly heat in the valley and sell to the local hotelier. But one day Solly refuses to buy their stock. He has a new supplier, and this peach brandy is just as delicious as Oom Koos' white blitz - just cheaper. Oom Koos is shocked and it turns into a drinking competition to see whose moisture is the best. Very soon, Oom Koos and the Colonel are together, and Sopie and Peter, the Colonel's son, have to cheer each other up just before their father and get the local sergeant sniffed.

  • Released: 1978-10-04
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars:
  • Director: