Plimpton! Shoot-Out at Rio Lobo

Plimpton! Shoot-Out at Rio Lobo 1970

George Plimpton got a job playing one of the bad guys in the Howard Hawks-directed John Wayne Western "Rio Lobo." In this special we see him talking to Hawks about whether he'll be killed off or not, to Wayne about how to cultivate a special walk to make oneself a star in movies and to himself as he attempts to rehearse his tiny part and while doing so is caught in the frame of a setup for another scene and chastised by Wayne. Wayne calls Plimpton "Pimpleton" throughout this special.

  • Released: 1970-12-09
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Stars: Jack Elam, Victor French, Howard Hawks, David Huddleston, Joe Namath, John Wayne, George Plimpton
  • Director: William Kronick