A Second Mother

A Second Mother 1972

Nam-Ok who has Yun-Ho and Yun-Suk remarries widowed Heung-Yeol who has Hyeong-Tae and Hyeong-Ja. Nam-Ok are concerned about frequent quarrels between half brothers and sisters, but manages to deal with them wisely. As Yun-Ho who went to fishing with him falls into the water, Heung-Yeol tries to save him only to drown himself to death. Fifteen years later, Hyeong-Tae goes abroad to study while Hyeong-Ja lives in extravagance in Seoul. Yun-Suk gets to know Dong-Oh on the train, and Dong-Ho gets to like her, but later misunderstands her due to Hyeong-Ja's scheme, which causes Yun-Suk to commit suicide.

  • Released: 1972-01-13
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Shin Seong-il, Kim Ji-mi, Choi Mu-ryong, Kim Hee-ra, An In-sook, Han Eun-Jin, Park Ki-teak, Lee Ye-Min, Kim Ung, Sok In-Soo, Lee Yeong-ho, Ji Bang-yeol, Ji Gye-sun, Ju Sang-ho, Yoon Yang-ha, Mun Mi-Bong, Park Yae-sook, Kim Seung-nam, Hwang Min, Im Saeng-chul  Show all >
    Jun Son, Lee Ye-Seong
  • Director: Im Kwon-taek