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February 1939. Overwhelmed by the flood of Republicans fleeing Franco's dictatorship, the French government's solution consists in confining the Spanish refugees in concentration camps where they have no other choice than to build their own shelters, feed off the horses which have carried them out of their country, and die by the hundred for lack of hygiene and water... In one of these camps, two men, separated by barbwire, will become friends. One is a guard the other is Josep Bartoli (Barcelona 1910 - New York 1995), a cartoonist who fights against the Franco regime.

  • Released: 2020-09-30
  • Runtime: 71 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Drama, History
  • Stars: Sílvia Pérez Cruz, François Morel, Xavier Serrano, Alba Pujol, Bruno Solo, Gérard Hernandez, Alain Cauchi, Valérie Lemercier, Thomas Vandenberghe, Sergi López, David Marsais, Bamar Kane, Emmanuel Vottero, Sophia Aram
  • Director: Aurel