Monte Criollo

Monte Criollo 1935

Lucy is a woman of shady past who convinces Argüello and Carlos to install an illegal gambling hall on a cabaret that worked legally. When Argüello is interested romantically in her, it rejects it because it is attracted by Carlos, a womanizer singer. The obsession for her leads Argüello to cheat in the game that he holds with Carlos and manages to ruin him, but finally both fight and Argüello dies stabbed but without denouncing his aggressor to recover his self-esteem as a professional player.

  • Released: 1935-05-22
  • Runtime: 65 minutes
  • Genre: Crime
  • Stars: Oscar Villa, Olga Mom, Marcelo Ruggero, Nedda Francy, Domingo Sapelli, Francisco Petrone, Florindo Ferrario, Azucena Maizani
  • Director: Arturo S. Mom