Angel on My Shoulder

Angel on My Shoulder 1980

6.5 2

A small-time Chicago hood, now deceased, gets a second chance at life by striking a bargain with the Devil to inhabit and attempt to corrupt a totally honest politician.

  • Released: 1980-05-11
  • Runtime: 100 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, TV Movie
  • Stars: Peter Strauss, Richard Kiley, Barbara Hershey, Janis Paige, Seymour Cassel, Scott Colomby, Peter MacLean, Billy Jayne, Douglas Dirkson, Murray Matheson, Terry Alexander, Frank Campanella, Anne Seymour, Charles Cooper, Janis Hansen, Peter Jason, James O'Connell, McKee Anderson, Harry Caesar, Phillip Simms  Show all >
    Victor Rogers, Shepherd Sanders, Simmy Bow, Michael Goldfinger, John Alderman, Art Aragon, Joe Mays, Susan Barnes, Gordon Hanson, Mary Armstrong, Joe Tornatore, Joanne Horne, Harrison Baker
  • Director: John Berry