Tell Me Something About Yourself - René

Tell Me Something About Yourself - René 1992

René has been in prison since he was 16. He is sick of life and doesn’t care about his parents (just as René’s parents never cared about him when he was a child); he doesn’t even know how many more children they had. After the general amnesty, René just hangs around, not satisfied in any job, and with his younger brother he starts stealing. In no time he is back in prison, this time joined by his brother who is still a youth. History repeats itself and René’s life philosophy seems to be confirmed: You enjoy your freedom for a while, then go to prison and the same thing happens all over again.

  • Released: 1992-01-01
  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Stars:
  • Director: Helena Třeštíková