Episode 2

Episode 2 S2E2 - Episode 2 2004

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Ji-eun finds out Young-jae is the one who bought the Full House. He tends to her fever. He takes her in on the condition that she becomes the maid. Her earnings are to pay for all her debt. Young-jae is to propose to Hye-won. She reveals she likes Min-hyuk and Young-jae is unable to propose. Hye-won tells Min-hyuk she likes him but he tells her he only sees her as a sister and that Young-jae likes her very much. To get Young-jae out of the equation, Hye-won confronts Young-jae. Put in a difficult situation, Young-jae says he is in love with Ji-eun.

  • Released: 2004-07-15
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Rain, Song Hye-kyo, Han Da-gam, Sunwoo Eun-Sook, Kim Sung-su, Kim Ji-young, Do-han Kang, Jang Yong, Im Ye-jin, Lee Young-eun
  • Director: