Episode 26

Episode 26 S26E26 - Episode 26 2006

Prince YIN and TAK chase after PAK and YUET together. They tell them that PAK is HUI’s son. TAK reveals to PAK that he used to be a robber living in the mountain. PAK is shocked to know the truth and scolds TAK angrily for killing his mother. PAK and YUET are very sad to know that they are brother and sister. PAK and HUI meet again but they appear to be strangers. Deep in the night, YUET darts away on a horse to give vent to her sorrows. Prince YIN worries about her very much. He follows her all the way to console her. PAK finds that Prince YIN is carrying YUET on his back when returning home and he feels bad. YUNG arranges meeting for MAN and LIT. LIT agrees to secretly assist MAN in becoming the emperor. YIU is short-tempered all the time after UM’s death. LIT tries to console her but it doesn’t work. WAN prepares some delicious dishes to PONG attentively before leaving. PONG feels that something is wrong.… ...

  • Released: 2006-02-09
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, David Chiang Da-Wei, Derek Kwok, Sharon Chan Man-Chi, Sonija Kwok, Power Chan Kwok-Pong, Mak Cheung-Ching, Gordon Liu Chia-hui, Suet Nei, Jimmy Au Shui-Wai, Hui Siu-Hung, Po Ming-Nam, Chan Wing-Chun, Mimi Lo, Samuel Kwok Fung, Sherming Yiu, Eddy Ko Hung, Lee Tin-Cheung  Show all >
    Ngo Ka-nin, Yu Chi-Ming, Deon Cheung, Akina Hong Wah, Lily Li Li-Li, Leung Kin-Ping
  • Director: