Episode 25

Episode 25 S25E25 - Episode 25 2006

WAN cannot find UM. She is worried that UM will kill PONG so she rushes to PONG’s place. UM follows WAN to PONG’s hiding place and tries to kill him. WAN risks her life to save PONG and UM is killed accidentally. WAN is heart-broken. She begs PONG for allowing her to deliver UM’s dead body back to Mercy Retreat. YIU becomes the Acting Leader of Mercy Retreat and she swears that she would kill PONG for UM. HUI is dissatisfied about PAK all the time. PAK scolds HUI for being greedy and money-minded. PAK’s foster father HON TIN TAK accidentally discovers the portrait of HUI’s deceased wife. He feels uneasy for PAK is actually HUI’s son. PAK and HUI quarrel with each other for YUET’s marriage. PAK curses HUI for not having a son forever. TAK rushes to stop him and pulls him away. CHEUNG goes hunting with Prince YIN and MAN. Prince YIN wins the contest and asks CHEUNG to cancel his engagement with YUET. CHEUNG refuses.… ...

  • Released: 2006-02-08
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, David Chiang Da-Wei, Derek Kwok, Sharon Chan Man-Chi, Sonija Kwok, Power Chan Kwok-Pong, Mak Cheung-Ching, Gordon Liu Chia-hui, Suet Nei, Jimmy Au Shui-Wai, Hui Siu-Hung, Po Ming-Nam, Chan Wing-Chun, Mimi Lo, Samuel Kwok Fung, Sherming Yiu, Eddy Ko Hung, Lee Tin-Cheung  Show all >
    Ngo Ka-nin, Yu Chi-Ming, Deon Cheung, Akina Hong Wah, Lily Li Li-Li, Leung Kin-Ping
  • Director: