Episode 16

Episode 16 S16E16 - Episode 16 2008

SIU YEE gets an electric shock and LONG is able to see her. SIU YEE is actually the little girl rescued by LONG seven years ago. LONG asks SIU YEE to reincarnate but YEE doesn’t even know why she had died. LONG therefore decides to investigate SIU YEE’s death for her. Dr LAW meets with TSUN and he asks him to reduce his penalty in exchange for an important hint of WAI FONG’s case. KEI steals a glance at TSUN’s confidential documents and she discloses WAI FONG’s case in her magazine. TSUN tells CHING that Dr LAW had referred WAI FONG to another doctor SHEUNG HONG for abortion. CHEUNG hands over WAI’s postcard from Japan to YEE. TSUN questions KEI for the disclosure of WAI FONG’s case in the magazine and they start a quarrel with each other. LONG reveals the story of SIU YEE to CHING. SIU YEE asks CHING to lend her body to her so that she could have a date with LONG for one day. CHING agrees eventually and SIU YEE tries to possess her……

  • Released: 2008-04-07
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Derek Kwok, Margie Tsang Wah-Sin, Nancy Wu, Joe Junior, Thomas Sin Ho-Ying, Stefan Wong, Kitty Yuen, Teresa Ha Ping, Wong Chun, Lee Fung, Leung Kar-yan, Rain Lau, Mimi Lo, Jess Shum
  • Director: