Sorry for Leaving You Alone

Sorry for Leaving You Alone S23E23 - Sorry for Leaving You Alone 2020

Tae Pyung explodes the car, but both Tae Pyung and Hyun Woo end up being alive. Tae Pyung is taken to the hospital and is put through rigorous surgery. The police tries to find traces or the body of Hyun Woo, but they end up being unsuccessful. Hyun Woo is hiding in one of the vacation houses nearby.

  • Released: 2020-02-27
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Ok Taec-yeon, Lee Yeon-hee, Lim Ju-hwan, Jeong Dong-hwan, Park Ji-Il, Park Won-sang, Jang So-yeon, Choi Jae-woong, Kim Kang-hoon, Lee Bom, Hong In, Yoon Ji-won, Ryu Hye-rin
  • Director: