Episode 4

Episode 4 S4E4 - Episode 4 2006

YIU worries about LIT and follows him all the way. LIT is heart-broken but he has no regrets on his love. MEI attacks SHUN and the others. She forces SHUN to disclose the hiding place of the sword but UM arrives on time to save them. SHUN tells LONG that he has kept the sword in Tsun Shun Clan. He asks LONG to take the sword and kill PONG. YIU tries to console LIT. Hoping that YIU would give him up, LIT kisses her by force. LIT loses all interests in life and hopes to end his life by the hand of YIU. He fails and cries bitterly. LONG and UM arrive at Tsun Shun Clan and are shocked to find PONG there. They fight with each other but discover that the sword has disappeared. SHUN learns that PONG makes use of LIT to practice Righteous Evil and he comes up with a decision. SHUN hasn’t met his wife PAK SAU SAU for twenty years. He asks PAK to deliver a puppet to SAU as a gift of apology.… ...

  • Released: 2006-01-10
  • Runtime: 50 minutes
  • Genre:
  • Stars: Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, David Chiang Da-Wei, Derek Kwok, Sharon Chan Man-Chi, Sonija Kwok, Power Chan Kwok-Pong, Mak Cheung-Ching, Gordon Liu Chia-hui, Suet Nei, Jimmy Au Shui-Wai, Hui Siu-Hung, Po Ming-Nam, Chan Wing-Chun, Mimi Lo, Samuel Kwok Fung, Sherming Yiu, Eddy Ko Hung, Lee Tin-Cheung  Show all >
    Ngo Ka-nin, Yu Chi-Ming, Deon Cheung, Akina Hong Wah, Lily Li Li-Li, Leung Kin-Ping
  • Director: