Mango Mury

Over the wall is 'a head'. On the sky is 'Ambili' (literally moon). The 'head' belongs to a man, Prabhakaramon, aged 60, who is in a deep dilemma between the society's moral reality and his own fantasies. Adjacent to his compound wall is 'Soyo Hotel', to where his voyeuristic interests are anchored. The 'scenes' from the hotel room invokes a regret in him about his wasted off teenage and his unused vibrant youth. The voyeuristic sights of lust, passion and music of the present-day youth add multiple colors not only to the windows of Soyo Hotel but also to the monochromatic mindset of Prabhakaramon. The doors in the hotel are often opened with a kiss and so is the mind of our protagonist who sees everything that happens inside the hotel room. At last, Prabhakaramon decides to abandon his moral baggage and jumps over the compound wall along with Ambili, his beloved.

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  • Runtime: 162 minutes
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